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The electric Mini Cooper has a range of up to 400 km

BMW announced the fifth generation of the Mini Cooper, which is the first electric car from the brand to have a unique design that is not similar to its counterparts equipped with an internal combustion engine.

The first model, called Mini Cooper E, comes with a 135 kW engine, 290 Nm of torque, and accelerates from 0 km to 100 km per hour in 7.3 seconds. It has a driving range of between 230 km and 300 km.

The range is 400 km in the Mini Cooper SE, which is distinguished by its torque of 330 Newton meters and 160 kilowatts of engine power, and acceleration from 0 km per hour to 100 km per hour in 6.7 seconds, and its battery can be charged from 10 percent to 80 percent in less than From half an hour.

Appearance-wise, the fifth-generation Mini Cooper has adopted something the company calls charismatic simplicity to emphasize the car’s key modern features.