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YouTube is preparing to add more features to the platform this year, according to the company’s product manager, Neil Mohan. It aims to launch the “Shorts” mini-video feature to new markets, and aims to provide new ways to generate income for content creators.

After launching the “Shorts” feature that mimics the TikTok application in India last December, in conjunction with the ban on the Chinese application in India, YouTube seeks to introduce the feature to other markets in March, beginning with the United States, after its success in achieving Over 3.5 billion views in India in a short period.

The platform also aims to provide the chapters feature to more users, a feature it launched last year with the aim of facilitating the navigation between parts of long video clips so that users can easily access the desired part.

Most importantly for content creators, YouTube is working to launch new ways to generate income around the world by expanding the scope of the “Applause” feature, which enables content creators to obtain donations or financial support from fans, a feature that was previously available in the states. United only.

In addition, the platform will allow you to market products from the videos themselves, by showing the icons of the products available for sale and transferring users to the purchase site directly when clicking on them, in a similar way to what Instagram does.