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Google expands AI-powered search

Google announced it is bringing its generative AI search experience to the first countries outside the US, starting with expansions in India and Japan.

The new AI-powered search feature, also known as the Generative Search Experience (SGE), becomes available through Google Search Labs in those markets, introducing a new feature aimed at making it easier to find information in AI-powered overviews.

In May of this year, Google revealed the generative search experience for the first time at its annual developer conference, Google I/O.

The Generative Search experience brings a conversational mode to search, allowing users to ask the search engine questions about a topic and then have it return answers, similar to an AI chatbot.

In recent months, the company has updated the experience with support for videos, photos, local information, and travel recommendations, as well as new tools to provide summaries, definitions, and more assistance with programming-related queries.