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Instagram announced today about some changes to the new Reels feature that competes with the TikTok app. This includes the ability to create longer videos, in addition to making it easy to trim videos. Not only will this feature help you compete with TikTok, but it may also help attract some of the top influencers from TikTok to Reels.

The most important of these new features include changing the time allowed in each clip. You can now record clips of up to 30 seconds long.

The other big change is the ability to set the timer for a longer period, so that it is now 10 seconds. You can also trim and delete any clip in a video, instead of the one you just finished recording. These are minor updates, but they definitely make creating Reels videos less difficult, but there are still some problems with Reels that Instagram has to fix, the biggest of which is that there is no real place for Reels in the Instagram platform.

With the future of TikTok looking uncertain lately, it wouldn’t surprise us if some of its users turn to Reels. According to Tessa Lyons-Laing, product manager for Instagram’s Reels division, users have been asking for changes, and we can definitely see why: “We keep improving Reels based on user feedback, and these updates make it easier to shoot and edit. While it’s still early days, we are seeing a lot of entertaining and creative content. ”

We believe Instagram and we will have to come to terms with the idea that Reels will not be TikTok. I don’t think what happened to Snapchat would happen in this case. But we still wanted to see what Instagram would do with the feature in the end.