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Google has developed a prototype of a microscope based on augmented reality and artificial intelligence technologies, to help doctors specializing in diagnosing cancerous tumors and other diseases.

According to the American company, the microscope can analyze visual indicators, such as heat maps and object boundaries, to determine the presence of cancer cells or any other diseases in samples taken from human tissue.

The microscope aims to create a system that can be integrated into existing optical microscopes in hospitals and clinics, as microscopes equipped with the “Augmented Reality Microscope” system provide a variety of visual comments, such as texts, arrows, lines, heat maps, and animations, each of which is designed for distinct evaluation purposes.

Google first announced this project in 2018, but it has not yet been used to diagnose patients. There are currently 13 prototypes of Google’s artificial intelligence-based augmented reality microscope, and it still needs further testing before it can be used. A helpful tool for medical professionals in their daily work.

The health sector is considered one of the important sectors in which Google seeks to employ artificial intelligence capabilities, and reports indicate that the price of these advanced microscopes ranges between 90,000 and 100,000 US dollars.

Previous reports estimated Google’s total investments in the field of artificial intelligence at more than $200 billion during the last decade.