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Huawei Technologies and Verizon Communications have agreed to end two communications technology patent infringement cases amid trial proceedings before a federal jury in Texas.

Representatives of the two companies expressed their happiness with the settlement, which they described as confidential details.

US District Judge Rodney Gilstrap on Monday approved the two companies’ joint motion Sunday to withdraw the cases against each other.

Verizon shares rose 19 cents to $56.26 at 12:11 p.m. New York time

The trial began last week in Marshall, Texas, after Huawei filed a case against Verizon accusing it of using network technology that Huawei patented without a license.

This was the first of two trials due to be investigated this year in the lawsuits that Huawei brought last year against Verizon, the largest mobile phone operator in the United States.

The agreement settles a long battle in which Huawei has demanded that Verizon pay for a license to patent communications technology.

Analysts considered the lawsuit as a sign that the largest Chinese technology company is flexing its muscles against American companies after the tough sanctions imposed by Washington on Huawei.