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The social media giant “Facebook” announced that it will start charging merchants by offering purchases within the “WhatsApp” application, such as shopping in the chat, as WhatsApp has become a starting point for companies to chat with customers and sell products And, “Facebook” plans to reap some profits, according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”. One of the main advantages coming to the application is to give companies the ability to sell products within “WhatsApp” through “Facebook” stores, which consumers can buy directly. From the chat.

Companies can also add “Buy” buttons to other places that direct customers to the messaging service to purchase goods or services. The announcement shares that “WhatsApp” is now entering the cloud computing sector, providing companies that use customer service messaging tools the ability to store those messages on servers. “Facebook”.

Facebook is trying to increase sales from high-growth units such as Instagram and WhatsApp, a feat it has struggled with since purchasing apps nearly six years ago.

The chat-shopping feature will allow companies to add “buy” buttons elsewhere that will redirect customers to the merchant’s chat to complete purchases, according to TechCrunch.