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“Sony” continues to suffer greatly in the supply chains related to its new electronic game platform “PlayStation 5”, which was launched early last month, but it quickly disappeared from the market with problems in the supply chain and the company’s inability to proceed. Ahead to meet the unrivaled demand for the product around the world.

A report by “Bloomberg” agency indicates that the rapid disappearance of the product from the market is linked to a ploy that brokers and retailers resort to allowing them to obtain the rare device in the market and then resell it for high sums of money that reached about 3 times the original price announced by Sony “When the device was put on the market.

Brokers have always been present in the scene of sales of Sony’s gaming platforms, but the consequences of the Corona pandemic this year have strengthened their presence in the scene, and they have caused a major supply crisis in the market that may cast a negative shadow over the company’s long-term business prospects.

The emergence of brokers on the scene also caused outrage among users of electronic games around the world, with electronic campaigns on “Twitter” calling for a boycott of brokers and small retail companies that sell one unit of the new device at about $ 1,300 to $ 1,400, which is more than about $ 1,300. 3 times the price announced by “Sony” last November, around $ 500 levels.

There are no solutions on the horizon to overcome this matter, with the fact that the supply chains related to the manufacture of device components have been severely affected by the consequences of the pandemic, which makes the process of speeding up manufacturing almost impossible amid the scarcity of some key components such as electronic chips that are at the heart of the device and processor design his own.

The scarcity of the device in the market also casts a shadow on the sales of the company’s games, which may threaten the company’s sales in general, with another fact that the company achieves the largest part of the profits from sales of games and not from console sales, which are almost sold at cost or even loss.