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“NVIDIA” has decided once again to flex its muscles in the world of designing “graphics chips” that operate generative artificial intelligence technology.

During the activities of the International Conference on High Performance Computing held in 2023, the company revealed some exciting information related to the awaited generation of its super-performance chips, which showed that during the year 2024 the world will witness the introduction of a “real monster” in the world of artificial intelligence, which will play a prominent role in transferring the world of technology to… A stage that the world has never witnessed before.

Nvidia currently controls more than 85 percent of the artificial intelligence chip market in the world, and plans to crush all forms of competition in the market, by offering more artificial intelligence chips with enormous capabilities that no party in the world possesses, thereby ending the hopes of companies such as AMD, Intel, Arm, and Xilinx to… Achieving a strong presence in this market.