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The Internet of Things market in Saudi Arabia is heading to grow to about 11.6 billion riyals ($ 3.1 billion) in 2023, according to what was announced yesterday by the Saudi Communications and Information Technology Commission, with the presence of 11.3 million numbers dedicated to the Internet of Things, in light of the emphasis on the importance of keeping pace with emerging technologies and the need Invest in it.

Dr. Muhammad Al-Tamimi, Governor of the Saudi Communications and Information Technology Commission, said that the authority had eased the difficulties of investing in the communications and information technology sector, saying that “60 percent of the requirements for licenses in communications were able to be canceled, to facilitate the investment environment,” revealing that the commission issued 23 licenses. For Communications and Information Technology, bringing the total licenses in force to 305 licenses.

During a meeting held in the Asharqia Chamber, Al-Tamimi pointed out that there are many promising opportunities in the sector, including the cloud computing market, as the size of this market is expected to grow to 4 billion riyals (billion dollars) in 2023, explaining that the number of agencies registered to provide Cloud computing services reached 11 entities, aiming to create investment and employment opportunities, raise the efficiency of data centers in Saudi Arabia, and encourage small and medium enterprises to use these services, in addition to building the infrastructure for data centers to provide cloud computing services in the country.

With a question about the challenges of the postal sector, he stated that the first of which is the capacity in light of the shift from traditional requests to electronic requests, in addition to the challenge of clarity and transparency to ensure customer protection, indicating that the authority issued a special index for postal companies with the aim of disclosing to the customer and knowing how they deal with complaints. And that was during the second quarter of this year, and then the index was released later in the third quarter of this year 2020, revealing a decrease in the volume of complaints by about 75 percent.
The authority’s figures yesterday showed that the size of the postal and logistics sector market exceeded 5 billion riyals ($ 1.3 billion), with 23 companies operating in the postal transport market in the Kingdom, while the capacity of the postal sector reached 25 million quarterly shipments, an increase of 62 percent. For last year.

Regarding delivery applications, the number of applications registered in the authority increased by 310 percent, among the achievements of the first phase, while the growth rate of the number of applications executed reached 250 percent, and the value of applications executed reached two billion riyals (half a billion dollars), covering 246 cities and governorates. In the country, the value of the announced investment rounds amounted to 204 million riyals ($ 54.4 million), and the number of Saudi representatives increased by 500 percent.

The authority reviewed its most prominent achievements for the current year (2020), among which Saudi Arabia is ranked first in the world in the average speed of the fifth generation, with more than 10 thousand fifth generation towers in the country.