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“Master and Dynamic” unveiled a new series of headphones in cooperation with “Lamborghini” company. The American company stated that the new group includes wireless headphones “MW65” equipped with effective noise cancellation technology, and headphones “MW07 PLUS” fully wireless and equipped with a design inspired by sports cars.

The first group will include 3 dazzling color groups, and the headphones will be available in the following colors: silver metal, light gray, Alcantara yellow, black black metal, Alcantara yellow, black metal and black Alcantara gray, knowing that Alcantara is a luxury Italian material, widely used in the elements Interior of Lamborghini models.

The MW07 PLUS acetate direct-in-ear headphones are inspired by the finishing touches of the Lamborghini models, while the charging case brings to mind the matte finish of the body.

The direct in-ear headphones are available in three colors, glossy white with a matte silver case, glossy black with a matte black case, and a matte black with a matte black case.

From the beginning, the company took care of designing all the details, such as the distinctive “Lamborghini” element, which takes the form of a “Y” and appears elegant on all models. The set includes two of the most technologically advanced master & dynamic sound sets; The MW65 headphone provides two noise cancellation modes to effectively eliminate noise, so that each user can adjust the sound based on the listening environment.

The headphones have a battery life of up to 24 hours, and are equipped with “Bluetooth” technology with a range of up to 30 meters. The MW07 PLUS fully wireless direct in-ear headphones feature a 10mm beryllium driver for excellent sound quality, a stainless-steel charging case, and a 40-hour battery life.