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The video communication platform ”Zoom” revealed that it has enabled E2E end-to-end encryption for all video meetings via mobile devices and desktop devices, announcing its plans to launch E2E capabilities that support meetings in Zoom with a maximum of 200 participants. .

Zoom has been criticized for using substandard encryption during its first releases. The first phase of Zoom deployment lacked E2E support within the browser, and meeting participants needed to join from the Zoom desktop app, mobile app, or Zoom Room for E2-enabled meetings. Toe.

Released as a 30-day technical preview, the feature aims to collect customer feedback on their experience with E2E, and Zoom creates individual encryption keys that are used to encrypt audio and video calls between conference participants. The keys are also stored within the users’ devices, and are not shared with the “Zoom” servers, which means the company cannot access or intercept the meeting content.

“This feature has been in great demand from our customers, and we are excited to make it a reality, as we were able to develop this security feature in just 6 months,” said Chief Information Officer at Zoom, Jason Lee.

The Zoom Cloud Meeting Server generates encryption keys for each meeting and distributes them to meeting participants using the Zoom application as they join typical meetings. This launch is the first of four stages related to Zoom’s plans to introduce end-to-end encryption, and the next phase is currently scheduled to launch next year.