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“Zoom” communication that provides video chatting services which has been very popular since the beginning of the “Corona” epidemic crisis launched a new feature .The Kiosk Mode which is part of the Zoom Rooms program for virtual conference rooms, which allows visitors to check in with a virtual receptionist over the Internet.

Other new “Zoom Room” features include air quality monitoring, pairing with iPhones and Android devices, and the ability to calculate the number of people in the room in real time. To interact with the “kiosk” mode, visitors click the “start” button on the touch screen to initiate a call with the receptionist, who can remotely open the door and notify the meeting participants.

“Receptionists don’t need to be in the office, they can be at home, they can be anywhere else, and they could actually be in a different country,” said Zoom’s chief information officer, Harry Mosley.

Using the supported camera technology, a remote operator can perform real-time counts in the conference room, ensuring that social distancing protocols are followed. Users can sync their Android and iOS devices and instantly access all audio and video controls and Zoom Room participants so that they don’t have to touch a common screen. However, these features are not cheap, as subscription to “Zoom Rooms” starts at $ 49 per month per room