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ِAs coronavirus spread continues around the world, Uber technologies inc want to binds drivers to wear face masks when transporting passengers. but the question is, how can they impose this on them? It turns out that they can, The company revealed that it is now working on a technology that will ensure that drivers wear masks while transporting passengers.

It is unclear how you plan to do exactly that, but since Uber already has the feature of verifying face with the “Real Time ID-check” feature, it might be possible to take advantage of that to discover if drivers are wearing face masks, and may also give customers an opportunity to report For drivers who do not.

In a statement to CNN Business, Uber stated: “With the countries reopening, Uber focuses on safety and proceeds with caution. Today, we still require passengers to stay indoors if they can, while we ship safety supplies to drivers who make essential trips. Meanwhile, our teams are preparing for the next stage of recovery, as we will all have a role to play. ”