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Amazon has begun installing AI-enabled cameras in some of its partners’ delivery cars to monitor drivers as they work, which a prominent digital rights advocate described as “the largest expansion of corporate surveillance in human history,” a move that increases broader concerns about privacy and company power.

The cameras are made by Netradyne, a San Diego-based startup, and log 100% of the time while the trucks are running. These cameras record the drivers as well as the road and what is happening around the vehicles.

Driver’s cameras feature artificial intelligence software that detects up to 16 different safety issues, and tracks everything from drivers’ eye movements to speed and braking. And when errors occur, automatic audio alerts are triggered.

“Safety is our top priority at Amazon, and we hope this new system will give drivers and delivery partners peace of mind while delivering smiles to our customers,” said Carolina Manager Haraldsdottir in an educational video.

However, many drivers – who must agree to have the cameras installed – have expressed trade unions and privacy advocates; Annoyed by intrusive technology.

The digital rights group, Fight for the Future, warned in an online petition; That “Amazon will have wandering eyes in every neighborhood, shopping mall, and intersection in our communities.”

“Amazon will watch everyone, including your children, along with millions of Ring doorbell cameras, floodlight cameras, and mailbox cameras; Amazon will have eyes in the place to collect unprecedented amounts of data en masse,” the petition says.