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OpenAI, the company behind the chatbot GBT, is exploring making its own artificial intelligence chips, according to people familiar with the company’s plans.

According to recent internal discussions, the company has not yet decided how it will go about making up for the shortage of the expensive AI chips it relies on. Since at least last year, the company has discussed several options for obtaining these chips.

One of these options included building its own AI chip, working more closely with other chipmakers including Nvidia as well as diversifying its suppliers.

CEO Sam Altman has made obtaining more AI chips a top priority for the company.

Altman has publicly complained about the scarcity of graphics processing units, a market dominated by Nvidia, which controls more than 80% of the global market for chips best suited to running artificial intelligence applications.


Operating “Chat GPT” is very expensive for OpenAI, and Reuters quoted data confirming that each query process via the chatbot costs about 4 cents, and if the robot attracts only about 10% of the searches conducted through Google, the company It will need to save approximately $48 billion in GPUs initially, and about $16 billion annually to maintain its operations.

Through its plans to develop its own artificial intelligence chips, OpenAI joins a limited list of companies in the technology field, such as Alphabet, owner of Google, and Amazon, seeking to control the design of its chips, which are essential for implementing its operational plans.