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A wave of confusion, criticism and controversy has left Amazon’s conflicting decisions over the past hours.

After asking its employees to delete the Tik Tok app from their device, the company’s spokesperson quickly retracted. He said in a statement, according to what was reported by “CNN”, that “the e-mail” that was sent to the employees “by mistake.”

He also stressed that “there is no change in the company’s policies currently regarding TikTok.”

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And Amazon had requested in its previous email addressed to employees Friday to delete TikTok from mobile devices that access the company’s email, due to security risks.

It was not immediately clear what led to the ban of Tik Tok, while one of the people familiar with the matter said, “Amazon’s top executives were unaware of the removal request from staff devices.

These events highlight the difficult situation that the Chinese developer, ByteDance, has faced in recent days.

It is noteworthy that the Chinese application, which has become among the fastest growing digital platforms ever, is subject to severe scrutiny on a number of issues, including the processing of user data, as India and other Chinese applications banned in June.

On Friday, the Republican National Committee asked its members via e-mail not to download Tik Tok, and the National Democratic Committee yesterday also repeated its directive for the month of December, which asked members to stop downloading the application.

Additionally In March, two Republican senators introduced a bill aimed at preventing federal employees from using Tik Tok on government-issued phones due to national security concerns about collecting and sharing US user data with the Chinese government.

last year, the US Navy also banned the application from government-issued mobile devices, saying it posed a threat to cybersecurity. knowing that the US government launched a review of Chinese company ByteDance’s acquisition of Musical.ly’s social media app for $ 1 billion the last November.