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Google has launched a new update for the “Photos” application, which includes many advanced video editing functions, and photo editing capabilities for those with paid subscriptions. The American company pointed to the launch of the new update for “Android” phones within a few days, while the version dedicated to “Apple” mobile devices will be launched within a few months.

Google stated that it had updated the “Video Editor”. The app offers new capabilities for cutting video, changing perspective, adding filters, adjusting brightness, contrast ratio, color saturation and white balance.

The new version of the “Google Photos” application includes many new photo-editing functions; The “Portrait Blur” and “Portrait Light” functions are also available for images that do not contain depth information, so that the effect of bokeh and studio light can be simulated, even with photos that were not captured in Portrait mode.

“Google” added that the “Photos” application provides many new effects that are triggered by machine learning technology, and thus it is possible to perform many complex actions with one click, and among these effects is the ability to automatically adjust the sky in landscape photos, while Contrast and exposure are adjusted at specific locations in the image. In order to take advantage of these new functions, “Google” requires the availability of a smartphone with 3 GB of RAM, with the “Android Google 8.0” operating system at least.