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Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, announced in mid-March the work on a new social network that was considered, according to the description given to it, to be a potential competitor to Twitter.

The new application of the Meta Group, developed to compete with Twitter, is now available for free pre-orders in the mobile app stores for iOS [Apple] and Android [Google] devices.

The new app, called “Threads, an Instagram app”, will be available in the coming days, and has been described in the Apple App Store [Apple Store] as an “Instagram app for text conversations”.

“Threads is where communities converge to talk about everything, whether it’s the topics they care about or the future trends,” the app’s description across the app stores said.

The application will also allow, according to the description, “to communicate directly with favorite content makers and those who share the same passion, or to build a special base for sharing ideas, opinions and creativity with the whole world.”