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In the past few days, Apple stopped the WordPress application updates on the App Store and blocked the application as it did with the game Fortnite and other applications, but the ban caused a great controversy, especially since the blogging platform application does not work with the same tired mechanism of the rest of the applications which the company violates the policy of the store .

The great controversy over banning the app contributed to its return to the App Store and Apple’s official apology due to the confusion caused by the deletion.

The American company confirmed that it will not force WordPress to add the payment option in the application through the application store portal, as it will not need to.

Usually, Apple forces all applications that provide paid services such as the application to broadcast content or provide services, most notably Netflix, Spotify, Disney Plus and games such as Fortnite to activate the payment option through the store and thus obtain 30% of the value of fees and purchases, which is rejected by some companies as You see it as a high percentage, and Apple blocks any application that comes with subscriptions and provides the ability to pay through an external portal.

This comes after the recent Fortnite game ban story in which Epic Games called for a change of arrogant monopolistic app store policy.

After that, many companies joined the campaign waged by Epic Games to reduce the amounts that Apple deducts from the value of subscriptions from games and applications.

But unlike these applications, the WordPress application comes for free, but it provides internal services from the company for a fee and without violating Apple’s policy.