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Technical experts recently warned of a spyware program that can penetrate Android phones and access a number of important data.

According to “ESET” the company specialized in cybersecurity, the spyware that was discovered can record calls and steal numbers and data, as well as read messages.

This spyware, known as “Android / SpyC23.A”, is being delivered to target phones via fake apps.

According to the British newspaper “Mirror” these applications deceive users by disguising themselves in the form of known applications in order to successfully penetrate devices.

The researcher at the Slovak company, Lucas Stefanko, said that experts had discovered a fake app store spreading the malicious program.

The expert stated that this program does things that cause concern when it succeeds in penetration, because it can take pictures, record audio, delete files, and possibly screen capture.

To avoid these risks, experts advise to limit the downloading of applications from the official Google store, which is the “Play Store” and paying attention about the application source .

Stefanco added that resorting to this official and reliable store is what can protect the user from becoming a victim of piracy.

He urged smart phone users to take caution and carefully scrutinize the source of the application and other usage details.