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The British branch of the American company, “Amazon” for electronic retail trade, is investigating a strange incident involving a number of its customers who received bags of rice, cat food and barbecues, instead of the new home gaming device “PlayStation 5” they were waiting for.

Users who placed a pre-order for the new £ 450 gaming unit were surprised by strange things such as foot massagers, cat food, barbecues, air fryers, and rice bags, which made them so frustrated that they went to Twitter to file a complaint with pictures and videos confirming and documenting their statements.

It seems that the shipments were orchestrated by a number of thieves, who stole the PlayStation 5 devices before they were delivered. The company is still investigating that incident, and urges all affected users, who have been subjected to the incident of theft, to contact the company’s customer service for assistance.

The company said in an official statement.”All we do is make our customers happy, and this hasn’t happened to a small percentage of these requests,” “We are really sorry about that and we’re investigating exactly what happened. We communicate with every client who has a problem, so we can correct what happened.” .