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Google announced its VPN service on desktops and phones with a $ 9.99 Google One subscription to provide an additional layer of online protection for phones that It works on the Android system.

There are already a large number of “VPN” services that can be used to help protect browsing privacy and Internet security through an encrypted Internet connection, and now Google has its own services, according to the US website (the verge).

In theory, Google has already provided this service, but only to “Google Fi” subscribers on “Android” smartphones, which is the voice call service over cellular networks, and “Wi-Fi” (Wifi) through a private network by Google.

Google announced that it will provide a free VPN for users of the Android operating system for any subscriber to a 2 TB cloud storage, Google One, in the United States, and will expand to include iOS and Windows systems. And Mac, and other countries “in the coming months.”

You will need to be subscribed to Google One’s 2 TB plan, which costs $ 9.99 a month or $ 99 a year, so it is not a completely free VPN.

The new virtual private network (VPN) is the latest way Google is trying to improve its cloud storage offerings.