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Divers in the Gulf of Aqaba. Xaynor promises members will be able to enjoy the ‘beautiful, unspoiled coastline’

Saudi Arabia’s mega-city Neom has launched its latest development – Xaynor, an exclusive private beach club on the Gulf of Aqaba for “the most fascinating people in the world”. Xaynor will be a “discreet destination where club members can unwind on the Gulf of Aqaba’s beautiful unspoiled coastline”, Neom said in an announcement.

Neom has rolled out plans for a range of luxury resorts in recent months including the Epicon tower complex, the Leyja mountain hotel, the Zardun adventure tourism resort and eco-tourism resort Siranna.

Neom Company has made 45 applications for names and logos to the US patent and trademark office since June 2021, including 33 in 2023.

Information about Neom’s main development, a 170 km-long concept city called The Line, has been scant. A video released in October showed foundational work laying out the path of the city through an empty desert.

Neom is under pressure to finish some of its projects. The mountain resort of Trojena is intended to host the 2029 Asian Winter Games.

It will also attract attention when the 2030 World Expo is held in Riyadh and during Saudi Arabia’s hosting of the 2034 football World Cup when some games could be held there.