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The US government is preparing to sue Google, in the largest monopoly case in decades. The “Wall Street Journal” and “The New York Times” revealed last May that the US Department of Justice, in cooperation with a coalition of prosecutors, are preparing to sue “Google” for its monopoly and dominance of the digital advertising market. Google holds nearly 75% of the online advertising market. The move comes after months of investigations by federal antitrust agencies.

The investigations conducted by these agencies are not only related to “Google”, but also to investigate the lack of hegemony of other Internet giants, such as: “Amazon”, “Facebook”, and “Apple”. Also, the investigations will not include abuse of power by Google towards competitors only, but towards users as well.

So far, the nature or the details of the lawsuit have not been disclosed, but it may take years to reach rulings. This issue may prompt a change in the model in which this large group operates, to divide and separate some of its work from it.

Some accuse the big companies of unfair competition and increase economic inequality, while some accuse them of political bias.

Senator Josh Hawley accuses major tech groups, and sees this lawsuit as one of the most important antitrust cases in a generation. According to a report in the “Wall Street Journal,” 50 prosecutors, led by the attorney general in Texas, Ken Paxton, have begun preparing for prosecutions since mid-2020.