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netflix tik tok

Netflix has rolled out a TikTok-like feature aimed at kids, in its latest attempt to lure younger viewers to its platform and help them discover programming.

The Kids Clips feature, which appears on the Netflix iOS app, will display short videos from the company’s existing library of children’s shows and movies. Netflix plans to add new clips daily based on its current and future shows.

The move, which Netflix referred to as a test, builds on an earlier feature called “Fast Laughs” that highlights comedy clips and began rolling out earlier this year. Netflix has created ratings for its most popular titles, giving users an additional way to find shows they’re looking to watch.

The kids-oriented service will be similar to Fast Loves, but it will display videos horizontally, not vertically, and take up the entire screen. Children will only be able to watch 10 to 20 clips at a time.

The feature will start rolling out for use this week in the US and Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America, as well as markets such as Canada, Australia and Ireland.

“Netflix” confirmed the launch of the new feature after discovering its presence in a hidden code for iOS developer Steve Mosser, and sharing it with “Bloomberg News.”