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A group of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Artificial Intelligence has succeeded in creating a new application that can detect people infected with the emerging Corona virus from their voices, as the new application uses artificial intelligence techniques to study the types of forced cough from people, and differentiate it from the cough patterns of Corona sufferers “.

The application detects through cough fingerprints people with the Corona virus, even if they are sick with it without showing any symptoms on them, because it works to distinguish slight changes in cough that indicate the effects of the emerging Corona virus, according to Sputnik News.

The researchers explained that the neural networks of sounds can detect emotional states, nervous decline or increased frustration, and the strength and degree of coughing can also reveal the type of disease that afflicts its owner.

And application by means of artificial intelligence techniques can be very accurate in studying these technologies, as researchers monitored the accuracy of its results that it exceeds about 98.5%.

Anyone can download the application on his phone, especially since researchers designed it to be compatible with the “Android” and “IOS” operating systems, but it still needs the last permits, before it is officially launched in the electronic stores of those systems.