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Satya Nadella The CEO of “Microsoft” company warned of the dangers of staying away for a long time from offices, despite the company benefiting from the policy of working from home due to the global epidemic.

He said at an event organized by the Wall Street Journal that online meetings can make employees feel overwhelmed, not to mention the difficulty of moving from a work mindset to private life.

The CEO of the American technology company pointed out that “when you work from home, it sometimes feels as if you are sleeping at work.”

Video meetings can be particularly annoying, Satya says, citing studies indicating that thirty minutes after a morning online meeting an employee may feel overwhelmed by the focus they need.

He continued: “Remote work lacks some of the advantages of the office. Video meetings are only transitional. Work takes place before and after these meetings.”

Microsoft’s share has risen by more than 30% since the beginning of this year, amid expectations that the company will benefit from the direction of work and distance learning by increasing the demand for its cloud computing and various software.