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An Egyptian inventor has experimented with a robot that can perform virus detection tests remotely with a control device. In a private hospital north of Cairo, the robot measures patients’ temperatures and alerts them if they are not wearing masks.

Mahmoud Al-Kumi, the designer of the robot, called “Kira-03”, says that it can contribute to reducing exposure to infection and preventing transmission of the virus. The robot, which has a human-like face and head, can take blood samples, conduct sound waves on the heart and X-rays, and display the results to patients via a screen attached to its chest.

“In keeping with the second wave, I developed version 3 of” Kira “and we tried it in the hospital, Al-Kumi said. He added, “The robot can operate delicate operations, which reduces the possibility of injuries for the medical staff.” He added, “I tried to make the robot resemble humans so that patients would not be afraid of it, and so that they would not feel that a box was heading towards them.”

Al-Kumi added that the patients’ response is positive, explaining that they saw the robot and were not afraid of it, but on the contrary, they trusted it more because it is more accurate than humans.

“Kira-03” examines the patient to detect the “Corona” virus, by resting his chin and then extending an arm with a swab in his mouth.