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What is CCTV cameras ?

security systems or CCTV ( closed circuit television )  has become as essential as other thing in our lives. our property and premises are prone to be attacked if no proper security systems are well adopted in order to keep on surveillance on a continuous range. cctv systems are now available in different models and shapes, applications purposes and ready to keep on surveying during day and nights no matter what the weather condition is.

 1- The 8 different types of cctv cameras available in the market .

Different kind of CCTV cameras


2- Difference between analogue and digital CCTV :

Many of us do not know the difference between analogue and digital cameras where both are behind the purpose of surveillance and providing security to our property. the main difference is that analogue CCTV cameras which use an analog video signal that is transmitted over coaxial UTP cable back to a video recorder called a DVR ,  ( Digital video recorder ) where video is digitized and stored in a HARD drive of a computer system. A digital CCTV exploit the same concept of an analogue cctv while it broadcast video as a digital stream over an IP network , like an analogue system video is stored on a Hard drive and than the DVR is replaced with an NVR ( Network video recorder ) which in some cases is just software since it doesn’t need to convert analog to digital since NVR stores digital images that has been already pre-compressed by an IP camera .

3- Wiring diagram

The diagram shows exactly the connection and outputs available in the back of the DVR.
basically in case of analogue camera .the cameras are connected through a coaxial cable and INSERTED with BNC plug to the back of dvr the rest of connections are set to be connected as shown in the picture.while in the digital cameras the cable set to be changed to UTP known as cat 6 and the rest of wiring are similar.

cctv diagram

cctv diagram


4- cctv design softwares

Many softwares available in the market today that makes your system design more efficient and conform with the design SPECIFICATIONS by finding the best cameras location also it can help to import any cad file or floor plan with ease and the most widely used is jvsg and conceptdraw .