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YouTube announced the launch of a new feature related to the offensive comments that appear at the bottom of the videos displayed on the platform.

According to what “YouTube” indicated in a post on his blog, this new feature will warn users when they post a comments it thinks may be offensive to others, to give them the opportunity to think before publishing.

The site added that this does not mean that this new tool will prevent users from posting comments, and warning phrases will not appear before each comment, but it will appear for comments that the system sees as offensive, which include content that is reported repeatedly.

And as soon as that warning phrase appears to users, this means that users can go on posting the comment, or slow down a little to amend it.

And for the creator of the content, “YouTube” launched a tool to filter content in “YouTube Studio”, which is the section on channel management.

The new filter tool allows the removal of offensive and harmful comments that are automatically recognized. The tool will be launched for the “Android” system first, and for comments written in English in the first stage.